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«Kologh Naba» - «close to the chief»
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«Kologh Naba»  is a non-governmental and non-profit association.
«Kologh Naba» means «close to the chief» and is also the name of a small village which is part of the bigger village of Saaba, situated about 12 km ( 7.5 miles) east of Ouagadougou - the capital of Burkina Faso in West Africa. Founded by Else Traerup in 2001 and officially registered (granted non-profit status) in 2003, Kologh Naba currently involves almost sixty Burkinabé members and has support groups in Europe.

The objective of "Kologh Naba" is to improve the living conditions of its members through vocational trainings offered to the members during the winter months: sewing, weaving, soap making, carpentry, masonry and gardening. During the remaining months of the year, trainings are reduced because members must prioritize agriculture labour (sowing, weeding, harvesting, etc.).

Products resulting from the members' work are sold locally in Burkina Faso, both in Ouagadougou and on the Saaba market as well as exported to Sweden and Denmark. All the sales profits are used exclusively for the benefit of the members of the association.

The association bases its actions on both democratic (election of managers) and sustainable development principles: use of local resources (trainers and materials), transmission of traditional skills, respect of the environment (water management, wood-free construction, solar energy).

The long-term objective of the association is self-management of resources by its members. We hope that over time members will "own" the land and buildings, with special attention therefore paid to stimulating and developing the managerial and organizational skills of our members.

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